Paper Street Agreements

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Automate Billing for Any Agreement

Paper Street Agreements is a subscription-based service sold exclusively by StratusGreen. Agreements is a plug-and-play tool that lives natively in your NetSuite environment using NetSuite data to automate subscription billing, upsells, downsells and churn.

Benefits List

  • Support any sales team contract without significant operational support
  • Rely on a flexible process that scales as demand increases without the accounting headaches
  • Stop worrying about the overhead that comes with managing complex billing scenarios
  • Replaces hours of manual accounting work
  • Free up your back office and takes care of
  • the GL impact


Features List

  • Automate and manage flexible recurring billing options
  • Combine legacy systems into one NetSuite dashboard
  • Automatically creates subscription agreements
  • Track uncommon contract durations like 14 months and automate delayed billing start dates
  • Store and manage an array of billing frequencies with minimal set-up and ongoing going management

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