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We specialize in coding and writing custom NetSuite scripts to match your exact business needs and requirements.
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Let’s Level Up Your NetSuite

Get 360-degree insight, streamline your business processes, and make impactful business decisions with software that scales as you grow.
When it comes to software, NetSuite’s flexibility is unparalleled. Check out a few examples of what’s possible:
Custom records to store calculation and commission rules that could change on specific dates
CPQ tool allowing each sales team user to select an item from a Sales Order and a pop-up recommending predetermined Add-Ons
Lot Traceability script that supercharges NetSuite’s Advanced Manufacturing feature to work for larger customers
Advanced Templates to add all the receipts from Expense Report lines tied to Sales Order lines
Custom button enabling native saved search to assign specific employees to perform an item fulfillment
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Crafting Custom NetSuite Solutions Is Our Passion

Our teams thrive in building innovative NetSuite programs to solve unique customer challenges. Here are examples of what we’ve built:
Custom button that ties receipts from Expense Reports to Invoices
Airtight HubSpot Integration with custom field mapping and unlimited syncs between HubSpot and Netsuite
Drag and drop work order scheduling that fits any production floor (a StratusGreen exclusive)