NetSuite for Retail & Ecommerce

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Manage All Aspects of Your Retail or Ecommerce Business

NetSuite includes powerful tools for inventory management, order processing, customer relationship management (CRM), and financials. It also offers comprehensive reporting and analytics, giving retailers and online business owners the ability to track performance and make informed decisions about their businesses

Plus, NetSuite integrates with many third-party applications and services, making it easy to add new capabilities or expand existing ones.

Propel Your Retail and Ecommerce Stores with NetSuite

Store Financials

  • Know your numbers across all store locations, marketplaces and ecommerce with a proven financial management system that helps you to understand profitability and grow your business.
  • Comprehensively understand your numbers across storefronts and ecommerce marketplaces
  • Make firm decisions based on profitability and growth reports
  • Eliminate manual data entry and automate transactional tasks
  • Stay compliant and confident by adhering to modern accounting standards

Point of Sale

  • Take advantage of point-of-sale systems that are easy to use but powerful for crafting personalized shopping experiences for your customers
  • Fulfill orders across channels
  • Offer endless products online and in brick-and-mortar stores


  • Unify your marketing, sales, and support teams with shared, consistent data
  • Automate messaging throughout the customer‚Äôs lifecycle to ensure your offers and products are visible
  • Manage support cases with online submission forms, automated processes, and rule-based assignments

Real-Time Inventory Visibility

  • Get up-to-the-minute accurate inventory numbers
  • Unify inventory understanding across all departments
  • Get a single source of truth in real-time

Omnichannel Order Experience

  • Allow your customers to browse your catalog from anywhere at anytime
  • Leverage data to personalize the customer experience based on their behaviors and preferences

NetSuite Features for Retail & Ecommerce Businesses


Illustration of a shopping cart leaping from a computer representing eCommerce and SuiteCommerce
NetSuite's SuiteCommerce is a cloud-based ecommerce platform that enables businesses to sell across multiple channels, including online, in-store, and mobile.


  • Give Customers Real-Time Insight Into Their Account
  • Pay invoices
  • Create support cases
  • Interact with customer service
  • View omni-channel purchase history with one click
  • View entire order history
  • View Everything Purchased in Once Place
  • Order status
  • Promotions applied
  • Payment method
  • Tracking details
  • Return requests on products after fulfillment
  • Secure Payment & Customer Service
  • Simple But Powerful Ecommerce Websites


  • Quickly build and access reports and dashboards to get accurate visibility into your sales
  • Deliver a B2C experience to your B2B customers
  • Quickly go to market with your website and build on it with marketplace extensions

Revenue Management

Illustration of dollar and coins and revenue
NetSuite provides a suite of revenue management features that helps businesses to streamline their revenue recognition process.


  • Revenue Recognition
  • Revenue Policy Automation
  • Automate Planning
  • Automate Unbilled Revenue Recording
  • Multi-Currency Transactions
  • Manage Balance Sheet Accounts
  • View Financials in Real-Time
  • Flexible Forecasting
  • Multiple Performance Obligations
  • Complex Allocations Management
  • Dynamic Standalone Selling Price
  • Powerful Allocation Calculator
  • Revenue Recognition Across Industries
  • Revenue Recognition Over Time
  • Support Percentage-of-Completion
  • Support Event Driven Revenue Plans
  • Revenue Recognition Complying with Multiple Accounting Standards¬†
  • Book-specific Standalone Selling Prices, Revenue Rules, Plans and Arrangements¬†
  • Book-specific Foreign Currency Management
  • Book-specific Financial Reporting


  • Eliminate hours spent managing and recording revenue, and reduce the time it take to close deals
  • Stay in compliance with industry-standard financial guidelines, even as they change over time
  • Works perfectly with Multi-Book Accounting to help you account for a single transaction under multiple standards
  • Analyze the revenue impacts of past sales and forecast expected revenue with detailed look into sales documents

StratusGreen Exclusive Products for Retail & Ecommerce Businesses

Paper Street HubSpot Connector

HubSpot and NetSuite logos connected by two criss-crossing double-headed arrows
Two-way CRM HubSpot Syncing


Dual Sync

  • Custom flows to direct new leads from HubSpot that are not already created in NetSuite
  • Ability to sync Opportunities, Contracts, Companies, Contacts, Leads and so much more
  • Any data that is updated in HubSpot will be pushed to your NetSuite instance
  • Easy to use custom field mapping between both solutions

Sync Options

  • Unlimited record syncs
  • Custom sync schedules
  • Dedicated service
  • Sync on demand option available


  • Add out of box deployment available to get you up and running fast
  • Tailored discovery session to capture all your signature processes
  • Data sync requirements gathering session included
  • Custom flow build out and demonstration for you and your team
  • Convert any current processes to mimic new sync requirements


  • Make the most of your HubSpot investment
  • 100% data hygiene for sales ops teams
  • Spend less time on data entry
  • Focus on closing leads instead of locating them
  • Works in the background as a set it and forget it

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