NetSuite for SaaS Companies

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Focus on Delighting Your Customers — Not Your Tasks

Growing SaaS businesses face unique challenges. Billing accuracy, accurate customer user counts, and speed to value for your client base is key.

For your staff, get quick access to contract information, confidence the data is accurate, and a sales organization focused on client acquisition and retention.

How to Gauge if NetSuite is Right for Your SaaS Business:

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then NetSuite is right for you:

  • Is your business is growing but your are outgrowing your current systems?
  • Did you recently win a funding round with a private equity group and need to report specific metrics in order to retain funding?
  • Were you part of a merger or acquisition deal and need help with data migration, data adjustments, or data clean-up during the transition process?


Learn How NetSuite Can Empower Your SaaS Team

Data Conversion

  • Our team has converted millions of transactions as a key part of moving businesses over to NetSuite.
  • We take all your customer history, accounting data, chart of accounts, general ledger, purchases, vendors — even your open transactions — and bring everything together into one platform.
  • We take the dread out of the word “transition,” and make necessary conversions feel natural. Let us help you do it right, the first time.

Custom Commission Modules

  • We can build a custom commission model tailored to your business that will serve you for years to come.
  • Tweak your commission structure to drive the right behavior from your sales team, and see the commissions automatically calculated in your system. Show your sales team their commission earnings even as they book orders.

Marketing & Sales Alignment (HubSpot)

  • Seamlessly integrate your HubSpot marketing platform with NetSuite.
  • Our integrations update your systems in close to real-time, and the paths can be bidirectional. This is essential when your sales team updates a lead status, prospect status, or adds new contact information to your CRM.
  • Get clearer communication and stronger collaborations between the two departments.

ASC 606 Compliance

  • ASC 606: Revenue from Contracts with Customers is the new revenue standard that affects all businesses entering into contracts with customers for the transfer of goods or services
  • ASC 606 compliance will help better organize your business’s revenue management, providing an opportunity for improvement and growth

NetSuite Features for SaaS Businesses

Revenue Management

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NetSuite provides a suite of revenue management features that helps businesses to streamline their revenue recognition process.


  • Revenue Recognition
  • Revenue Policy Automation
  • Automate Planning
  • Automate Unbilled Revenue Recording
  • Multi-Currency Transactions
  • Manage Balance Sheet Accounts
  • View Financials in Real-Time
  • Flexible Forecasting
  • Multiple Performance Obligations
  • Complex Allocations Management
  • Dynamic Standalone Selling Price
  • Powerful Allocation Calculator
  • Revenue Recognition Across Industries
  • Revenue Recognition Over Time
  • Support Percentage-of-Completion
  • Support Event Driven Revenue Plans
  • Revenue Recognition Complying with Multiple Accounting Standards 
  • Book-specific Standalone Selling Prices, Revenue Rules, Plans and Arrangements 
  • Book-specific Foreign Currency Management
  • Book-specific Financial Reporting


  • Eliminate hours spent managing and recording revenue, and reduce the time it take to close deals
  • Stay in compliance with industry-standard financial guidelines, even as they change over time
  • Works perfectly with Multi-Book Accounting to help you account for a single transaction under multiple standards
  • Analyze the revenue impacts of past sales and forecast expected revenue with detailed look into sales documents

StratusGreen Exclusive Products for SaaS Businesses

Paper Street Agreements

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Automate Billing for Any Agreement


  • Automate and manage flexible recurring billing options
  • Combine legacy systems into one NetSuite dashboard
  • Automatically creates subscription agreements
  • Track uncommon contract durations like 14 months and automate delayed billing start dates
  • Store and manage an array of billing frequencies with minimal set-up and ongoing going management


  • Support any sales team contract without significant operational support
  • Rely on a flexible process that scales as demand increases without the accounting headaches
  • Stop worrying about the overhead that comes with managing complex billing scenarios
  • Replaces hours of manual accounting work
  • Free up your back office and takes care of
  • the GL impact


Paper Street HubSpot Connector

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Two-way CRM HubSpot Syncing


Dual Sync

  • Custom flows to direct new leads from HubSpot that are not already created in NetSuite
  • Ability to sync Opportunities, Contracts, Companies, Contacts, Leads and so much more
  • Any data that is updated in HubSpot will be pushed to your NetSuite instance
  • Easy to use custom field mapping between both solutions

Sync Options

  • Unlimited record syncs
  • Custom sync schedules
  • Dedicated service
  • Sync on demand option available


  • Add out of box deployment available to get you up and running fast
  • Tailored discovery session to capture all your signature processes
  • Data sync requirements gathering session included
  • Custom flow build out and demonstration for you and your team
  • Convert any current processes to mimic new sync requirements


  • Make the most of your HubSpot investment
  • 100% data hygiene for sales ops teams
  • Spend less time on data entry
  • Focus on closing leads instead of locating them
  • Works in the background as a set it and forget it

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