Paper Street Core Charge Returns

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Illustration of a worker processing returns

More Power, Less Paperwork

Dealing with core charge returns is a pain. That’s why we’ve automated and digitized them end to end, streamlining the entire process to cut the amount of internal paperwork required and satisfy your customers.

Benefits List

  • No more frustrations over pending RMA liabilities on your books
  • No more calculating core charges created from old invoices
  • Built into your NetSuite Dashboard

Features List

  • Swap out serialized inventory and complex Bill of Materials (aka BOMs) across multiple vendors
  • Automated Core charges on invoices
  • Automated Interchangeable Parts Tracking
  • Automated Return Authorizations
  • Automated Serialization
  • Track Interchangeable Parts
  • Integrates seamlessly with Magento or Shopify via Celigo

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