Why Choose StratusGreen?

We’re Obsessed With Helping You Succeed with NetSuite

Real people, solving real problems by integrating automation and technology with a white-glove human approach.
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What Sets Us Apart

We’re passionate about NetSuite and absolutely love helping our customers succeed with it.
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We’re a Certified NetSuite Solutions Partner.

As a top-tier partner, we help businesses implement and integrate exclusively with NetSuite. Our laser focus means you’re working with NetSuite experts, not journeymen.  

We’ve been in your shoes.

Every sales and consulting team member has personal experience implementing NetSuite as a system administrator or user.

Experience across multiple industries.

We’ll pair you with a consultant uniquely qualified to serve your industry, including automotive, distribution, manufacturing, SaaS, retail, and ecommerce.

We come to you.

Our team members cover every region of North America, so you’ll never have to juggle calendars or calculate different time zones just to talk to someone. Plus, we’re completely remote, meaning you never have to come to us — we come to you.

We help make everyone’s job easier.

We interface with people from every level of your company, from the floor to executive leadership. Shifting your ERP software is a massive undertaking that won’t just affect the CEO, so we include tailored one-on-one attention wherever your business needs it.

The StratusGreen Mission

We take the human approach to integrating automation and technology into your business.

By studying your operations alongside your people, we find the spirit behind each action, take that action apart, put new automation ideas into practice, and leave you with elegant solutions that help your teams focus on what matters most: serving your customers.

Our philosophy is simple: Create. Automate. Iterate.

This is the human side of technology, and the value you get from working with StratusGreen. We are always there to support you.

Businesses are created in the gaps of unfulfilled needs. As your business grows, so do the problems you face to stay competitive. Without a technology roadmap, you find yourself here. The system hairball. You’re focused on the craft and the product or services outcome, not the underlying systems and processes. You get to a certain point where these underlying systems start driving talent away and stealing the energy you use to create your products.

Again, what positive differences would you see in your people, your customers and your solutions if the systems didn’t bog you down? What could you create with that kind of focus? What if everyone in your company was on the same page?

It’s possible. And, for many businesses today, this is a reality.